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Railings / Open Air (glass windscreen)


Combining innovative technologies with special design lines, the Open Air System is

the ultimate answer to the demand for contemporary and stylish outdoor spaces
such as restaurants, cafes, roof gardens, hotels etc.
A unique innovation, patented* and available exclusively fr om Aluminco, where the
moving part of the system is raised or lowered with a single motion and effortlessly
according to our wishes and weather conditions.
Beyond that, what makes Open Air System truly irresistible is its minimal design,
contemporary beauty and superior quality. Simple and modern at the same time, it
provides endless options to even the most challenging design or construction issues.

Outstanding Elegance

The least visible aluminium
frame achieve a minimal
and modern style while the
laminated glass release the
maximum of natural light in
the inner environment.

Easy to Use

It can be raised and lowered
with a simple motion. It is
designed to be easy and
flexible to handle.

Light & Robust

The frame is made of
aluminium, equipped with
safety glass, tempered in
the fixed part and triplex at
the moving sections. It is
designed to demonstrate
outstanding durability
against external pressure.

Unique Open Air Protection

All modules perform
extremely well in open
air spaces providing
sound reduction and high
protection against all
weather conditions.

Convenient Installation

Open Air modules are
carefully designed to help
installers benefit from quick
and easy installations
throughout carrying and
mounting stages of modules.

Certified & Approved

On the basis of the EUROCODE
1 (EN1991) and EUROCODE 9
(EN1999) standards, open air
systems have been certified
and approved by the SWISS
APPROVAL for their outstanding
durability even under the most
extreme wind loads.

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